Sunday, July 22, 2012


Salam walaikum/ Peace be upon you,

I hope everyone is having a good Ramadan. I have been meaning to write some posts after iftar and/or maghrib. I haven't been able to write because there's only 5 houIrs to use the laptop and le husband has been using my laptop time. I will try make this quick, I just want to do an update.

The first day of fasting was a success, al 'humdulillah. I had a lot to do around the house and can't seem to get everything done. I want to read as much of the Qu'ran as I can, insha ALLAH - there's always something. Le husband came home early from work for iftar, we ate harira, baklava, dates, the cookies I made, hot chocolate, eggs, the usual.  My sister showed me this amazing post from a site. It is a sermon by the prophet(sws). It tells you what is required from you during Ramadan and insha ALLAH, if you carry it on during the year. Masha ALLAH, it is so beautiful!

The Sermon Given By The Prophet S on Ramadan - Islamiology
I had just realized that there is a 'follow' link at the bottom of the page- didn't know that before.

Another website post I came across is about sunnah actions while drinking water or in genereal. I heard that you shouldn't breathe into cups while drinking in Islam because of germs and bacteria and in general but for the sake of pleasing ALLAH(swt). 

Sunnats of Drinking - Zikr

While I was making harira for the masjid, I accidentally had a sip of the liquid so I will have to fast again for my second day of fasting. Speaking of masjid, we went to the masjid for iftar last night. Al 'humdulillah, it was a good iftar. There was kefta, samosa, Pakistani rice, etc.. It was so delicious, al 'humdulillah. My baby wore his djellaba over-top his clothing. Tbarkallah, it was so cute and adorable. There was some yummy cake there that reminded me so much of the cake I use to eat in Morocco from a cafe called 'Moose Berger'. It had a buttery tasting icing and it looks like a normal cake but it is tasty and filling.

Today was a good fasting day, humdulillah. I was suuuper tired today but I got through fasting and read some of the Qu'ran. I am really wanting to buy some fenugreek so I can increase my milk supply but I haven't had the time to go out and buy it. I also need some multivitamins. I should pray to ALLAH(swt) to help me with that.. I hope it doesn't go low! All I'm doing right now is drinking water but not the 8 cups so I really need ALLAH's(swt) help.

Salam Walaikum/ Peace be upon you


  1. Salamoaleikum1 I´m glad to read that the first day qwent well! It went good for me too until now, I just got my girl period haha :( I really want to fast but I can´t until it´s over in some days.. I hope it´s over soon :)

    Hope everything is good with you dear ♥

  2. cake looks amazing

    i could really use some support it would mean the world to me