Monday, September 3, 2012


Salam walaikum,

I haven't blogged in a while. No one reads this blog anyway. Not a lot has been happening. I haven't done anything for Eid either, just stay home but it's what Allah(s.w.t.) wanted so that's alright. I still have 8 days to fast so I hope to finish them soon insha Allah. I've never felt so eager in a while to get my learners, yes, learners since last year. Problem is, I need a ride to the place I take my test. I have bad skin and they're going to need to take a photo for id so I have been looking for the best thing that might help and I think I found it. I was looking at tea tree oil one day at a drug store and came across emu oil. I haven't heard of it before so I looked it up and I am willing to try it out, in sha Allah. It's basically emu oils from an emu which is a bird mostly found or originally found in Australia. A bit strange but excited to try it, in sha Allah. 

Also! I am not going to be purchasing from in a while. I am very disappointed in the shipping. It was my fault to begin with but mainly shipping. I don't want to rant but I hope I get my package tomorrow. Super disappointed, that's all. 

My mam and my siblings as well as her husband left about an hour ago to Africa. I am going to miss them because they will be gone for quite a while. I hope Allah will protect them and I hope they have a safe travel. I haven't seen a lot of them of every moment I spent with them, I cherished. My siblings are going to be growing and they will all grow in their iman, in sha Allah. They are going to learn mainly about Islam and stay away from the western life so in sha Allah, they will get a lot out of they're experiencing. 

Anyway, that's a little update of what's happening right now. 

Salam walaikum

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